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I am going to be finishing the basement in a house we just recently purchased and I am trying to figure out how the previous owner roughed this is and how they intended to vent this all. In the image below the blue lines are what I believe to be the waste lines under the concrete (they did a bad job pouring new concrete over their rough in of the bath). The red lines are waste lines from the floors above running through my joists. The blue Xs are lines running from the waste line above down to the concrete. The red Xs are waste lines from the plumbing above and exit bottom through the roof above and down to the concrete via the blue Xs. The black X is a waste line running from the 2nd floor bath and then runs horizontally in my basement joists to the blue X to exit into the concrete floor. The second image is what I hope they intended to be the vent line for the bath. You can see this is the line from the black X that runs to the ground via the blue X and then up through the roof via the red X. Thanks in advance for your help.
Category: Plumber Post By: HOWARD GRAY (Schaumburg, IL), 02/18/2017

It looks like to me. [i dunno] that the laundry sink at one time, must have been pumped into the sewer line above where it sits? generally,, when you see a y upside down like that...A pump tied into a sewer is illegal, that is probably why it is disconected i am just guessing here. the future bath you want to install, it is in the same space as the laundry? if yes, then you will have to break concrete to rough in the plumbing. the sewer line is not a vent. vents and sewr are 2 eperate things. you need to get a pipe from the vent upstairs down to the basement. this is what i have done, find a closet. in the back corner drill hole up to attic and down to basement install 2 pipe.and tie it into existing vents in attic create a small pipe chase, cover with sheet rock to cover pipe in closet...done provide picture of area you want future bath. and that laundry sink area

- SARA PRICE (Apple Valley, MN), 09/29/2017

Thanks for the help Frodo. Where you circled and wrote no vent, stand pipe over 24 the pipe coming in from the left feeds to a half bath which exits into this horizontal run. At the end of the horizontal run is a 3 pipe extending through my roof, also attached to this vertical 3 run is my laundry. Regarding the second circle where you mention backfalling...that 3 horizontal run that is in the joists is from a 2nd floor full bath (which is vented through a 2nd vent in my roof). I am curious as to what that capped 90 was for? There is a S trap directly below it (along that conduit) which runs into that 3 vertical stack. I am assuming that was for a laundry sink and somehow they tied the vent up there. Can I tie my future basement bathroom into this capped off 90? Or better yet somewhere in that horizontal waste line that is running in the joists? The future bath is directly below that line on the other basement wall. Also attached is a large image of the drawing. Please let me know if you can read that and if you have any questions. Again I greatly appreciate your help.

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Woodbury, MN), 10/02/2017

looks to me like you have a sewer line ran with no fall and woefull lack of pipe support. along with it is not up to code the first image you loaded is to small to see, can you resixe it. cant read it

- JEFF HARPER (Hollywood, FL), 10/13/2017

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