Forum Title: Bathroom Rough In Diagram (good?)
Picture shows my proposed fittings and setup. I think I've researched everything and read hundreds of pages about this but I'm wondering if anyone can spot any issues? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. I'm getting ready to submit this plan to the building inspector and wanted a final once over by you. Couple things worth noting about this: The yellow crowbar is where everything flows to I'll join that up with a Fernco fitting to CI main. Spaces between each piece of the system will have pipe I only did this for visual sake so please just imagine they are connected with PVC. WC, Vanity, Shower are the three fixtures. WC is a Sioux Chief 45 and then a street 45. Distances don't exceed the limits of the IPC for wet venting. Starting at the crowbar its 3" then goes to 2" for most everything Except the vanity is a sani T which is a 2x2x1.5. [disregard that it is upside down I only did that so it would stay on the tube holding it up for visual sake it will go the right way] 45's are a combination of street (F-M) and regular (F-F) See image here at google docs if needed.
Category: Plumber Post By: MARGIE RAMSEY (Bloomington, IL), 07/14/2016

just my thoughts..under upc code

- RAY BISHOP (Dubuque, IA), 09/02/2017

almost forgot, your set up is a crown vent, cant do that. piss's me off some times also. .when i do not have room, but it is what it is

- LOUISE HUGHES (La Crosse, WI), 09/24/2017

don't don't don't use a fernco it moves to much use a husky band

- PEARL SCHWARTZ (Salem, OR), 09/29/2017

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