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Currently have electric HW and new condensing gas furnace Want to install 50 gallon gas HW which calls for 3 or 4 inch vent House has a unused 30ft 6 inch Galvanized stack, which was used for old oil furnace, it was built 10 yrs ago so it is good shape. Stack center is 57 inches high in basement. The HW vent is 53 inches high and would be less then 5 ft away. Oil furnace worked fine for years, so should be enough air in basement for HW. Oil furnace was vented with 6 inch galvanized pipe, there was 6 inch clearance everywhere. Should I use 4 inch galvanized pipe (26 gauge) from HW to 4 x 6 adaptor or would a short run of 3 inch first be better? Elbow on top of HW will be fairly close in order to keep 1/4" rise per foot, so I was thinking maybe a 3 inch would be better??? Any other concerns?
Category: Plumber Post By: JOAN MORGAN (Santa Fe, NM), 10/23/2016

If the Wtr Htr has a 4 draft hood then you need a 4 vent connector. If the WH only requires a 3 vent then you can use a 3 connector

- SIDNEY BLAIR (Charleston, WV), 09/21/2017

Sorry if it was confusing. The six inch is currently not used at all, so the only device connecting to it will be the new HW. After the oil furnace was removed, the stack was capped at the wall. I will uncap it and connect HW to it. My question was more on the best way to do that. I am under NSPC

- MARVIN VARGAS (Tulare, CA), 09/23/2017

if you have a 6 vent and yo want to add another vent 4 the vent size shall be at the minimun 9'' since they do not make 9'' you step it up to 10'' not down to 8'' where are you located are you under ipc or upc code

- BRITTANY BATES (Naperville, IL), 09/23/2017

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