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We're wrapping up a kitchen remodel, and I'd be interested in feedback on a particular question that's come up with setting up the kitchen faucet. We had new cabinets installed, and this week an installer put in the granite countertop, mounting a new sink and drilling a 1-3/8" hole for the single-hole faucet. The faucet (a high-end European model) just arrived today. Our plumber is coming over Tuesday to hook everything up. The spacing from the front of the cabinet to the back is pretty tight, due to the dimensions of the sink. The countertop installer drilled the hole so that one side of it is nearly flush with the rear lip of the sink. The faucet package included a 1" spacer made of plastic or ABS or some similar material. The diagrams show this placed over the faucet shaft underneath the countertop; a large-diameter nut then threads onto the faucet shaft to trap the spacer against the underside of the countertop. As things stand now, the spacer will not fit in the space underneath the countertop due to how close the hole is to the sink's lip. However, I have a mini-mill out in my shop, and it would be a quick job to cut a groove in in the spacer so that it fits over the edge of the sink's lip. So I'm wondering about this. My wife has been without a sink for a couple of weeks, and doesn't want anything to hold up the faucet install when the plumber comes over on Tuesday. (She also doesn't want to go with a different faucet, or change out the sink or countertop.) Since I'm pretty sure I know what I'd be doing, does it seem like it would help if I cut this groove in the spacer in advance? (In fact it wouldn't be too much of a problem to test-assemble the faucet to make sure everything fits.) Or if you were the plumber in this case, would you prefer to do any alteration to the spacer yourself? Or are there off-the-shelf alternative spacers that the plumber might consider using instead? Just trying to move this along so it gets done as quickly as possible.
Category: Plumber Post By: BERTHA WALTERS (Hemet, CA), 03/03/2016

i can tell you this. your plumber will not set the faucet if it does not fit, he will not mill parts to make it fit. he will try to fit it.then he will put everything back in the box tell you to either have the counter top redone, or get another faucet. if he mils any parts, he will void the warranty, and transfer the responsibilty onto himself. whoever drilled the hole to close to the sink, bought that counter top i have run into this situation before. the counter installer requested the faucet and sink be present [[[[thats how its done on customs]]]] typical/everyday sop then, the front of the cabinet was cut to move the sink forward, about a 1/2 inch

- JAIME RAMSEY (Warren, MI), 09/01/2017

Reputable countertop fabricators ALWAYS ask for the sink and faucet to test for fit prior to drilling any holes. As frodo stated, if your faucet does not fit where the faucet hole is drilled, the installer has to buy you a whole new countertop and drill the hole in the correct location. There is no gray area, either it fits or the installer buys a new top.

- MARLENE BUSH (Joplin, MO), 09/10/2017

Thanks, I'll talk to the plumber and figure out where to go from there.

- JEAN MURPHY (Rowlett, TX), 10/13/2017

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