Forum Title: Shower stall backflow water...HELP!
Hello. Yesterday I had snaked my the front main drain line (outside my front house) with a RIGID K-400 drain cleaner with a 75' 3/8" snake, hoping the clog was there since my main bathroom (located in middle of front house) tub had back flow and water of toilet would not go down smoothly when flushing. Also, my shower stall of my master bathroom (back of house, left side) had backflow of water along with my toilet water not flushing in smoothly when flushed. After snaking the front main drain, I snaked the bathtub, sink, and used the short hand held snake used for toilets. Then, I snaked my master bathroom---sink, snake used for toilets with the short hand held snake, and then the shower stall, but the shower stall still had water (I'm thinking because it may have a p-trap, the water did go down a bit). I was able to scoop out hair, and cotton in my master bathroom shower stall!! After this, I thought the problem was solve...NOPE! When I showered last night at my shower stall, the water never drained. So today, I will try to snake the kitchen sink (front of house, right side) then the sink in the garage (front of house, left side) where my washer is connected/joined in with the sink plumbing, and hope that this will solve it. IF NOT, what is my other option?? Is there a drain screw under the house I can use? Or is there a root problem? This is really making me frustrated...PLEASE HELP.
Category: Plumber Post By: JAY MCCOY (Mountain View, CA), 04/30/2016

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo HO HO hO !!!!! Up ON The Roof Santa!!!! if no cleanout in the yard, go down thru the vent !!!!!!!!! How do I snake or even bring up my Rigid K400 in the roof? And how to tell which vent is for the plumbing?

- ISAAC SIMON (Alpharetta, GA), 09/10/2017

HO HO hO !!!!! Up ON The Roof Santa!!!! if no cleanout in the yard, go down thru the vent !!!!!!!!!

- GABRIEL NORRIS (Decatur, AL), 09/20/2017

With that frustration, I believe I would be calling a plumber and letting him make the decision on what needs to be cleared. IMHO it is money well spent.

- SALLY NEWMAN (Syracuse, NY), 10/04/2017

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